Our Team

  • Administration

    Michel Roussel
    Michel Roussel President (506) 622-1867
    Charles Roussel
    Charles Roussel General Manager & Vice President (506) 622-1867
    Barb Vanderbeck
    Barb Vanderbeck Controller (506) 622-1867
    Allison MacIntosh
    Allison MacIntosh Marketing Manager (506) 622-1867
    David Fullerton
    David Fullerton Controller (506) 622-1867
    Pierre-Luc Beaudin
    Pierre-Luc Beaudin Finance Manager (506) 622-1867
    Charles Hache
    Charles Hache Finance Manager (506) 622-1867


    Frederick Roussel
    Frederick Roussel Used Car Sales Manager & Vice President (506) 622-1867
    Gordon Nelson
    Gordon Nelson Product Advisor (506) 622-1867
    Elizabeth Doyle
    Elizabeth Doyle Product Advisor (506) 622-1867
    Terry Burns
    Terry Burns Product Advisor (506) 622-1867
    Mike Dunnett
    Mike Dunnett Sales Manager (506) 622-1867
    Vernon Ferguson
    Vernon Ferguson Product Advisor (506) 622-1867

    Parts and Service

    Lucie Daigle
    Lucie Daigle Appointment Coordinator (506) 622-1867
    Mark Robichaud
    Mark Robichaud Parts Manager (506) 622-1867
    Nick Breau
    Nick Breau Service Manager (506) 622-1867
    Joey Mallet
    Joey Mallet Service Advisor (506) 622-1867
    Bobby Furlotte
    Bobby Furlotte Parts Advisor (506) 622-1867
    Cyril Hall
    Cyril Hall Shuttle Driver (506) 622-1867

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