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  • Extra Care Protection

    Why choose Toyota Extra Care Protection at Roussel Toyota?

    Toyota Extra Care Protection, an exceptional warranty that will give you peace of mind year after year!

    It is well known that Toyota vehicles are of legendary reliability. What you may perhaps not known is that you can extend your new car, SUV, truck or minivan warranty even more with the Extra Care Protection, or the Toyota ECP . For instance, if you choose the Gold or Platinum ECP plans, that basically means that the warranty goes well beyond the Toyota Limited Warranty! We are talking here about 7 years or 200,000 kilometres, whichever comes first.

    Have you just bought your Toyota vehicle  and you want to keep it for several years? It certainly would be worth the cost of getting the Extra Care Protection, which will allow you to drive with peace of mind for a very, very long time. Moreover, this protection is also offered on used Toyota vehicles.

    Let's start with the Gold Plan, with which you get a coverage of 17 groups of major mechanical components. Here they are: the engine, the manual/automatic transmission, front-wheel drive/rear- wheel drive, 4-wheel drive (4WD), the cooling system, the fuel delivery system, front/rear suspension, the steering wheel, air conditioning and heating, the brake system, the electrical system, high-technology equipment installed in the factory, all the sensors, all the computers, the bodywork interior, the body parts, bushings and gaskets/liquids and filters, hybrid components. Pretty awesome isn't it?

    Moreover, by purchasing one of the ECP plans, you can also benefit from oil and filter changes, as well as the rotation of your tires. And that's not all! You also get roadside assistance for the duration of your ECP. This includes travel interruption assistance, which reimburses you for hotel, meal and transportation expenses up to $300, if a component covered by the warranty is failing and you are more than 80 km from your residence.

    To learn more about this wonderful coverage, or about Toyota technology, visit Roussel Toyota. In addition to all Toyota models, you'll find there the PROMOTIONS and various financing plans, at very competitive rates, and always tailored to your budget and needs.